Calming Wellness

Benefits of Massage

Massage therapy helps you relax, reduce stress and pain, and maintain a healthy mental-physical balance. There are many positive aspects to receiving massage therapy on an ongoing basis. More Americans are turning to therapeutic massage treatment to provide relaxation, relieve tension, or simply to help maintain good health and achieve a balanced lifestyle. Oh, and let's not forget how great it feels!

Reduce heart rate
Regular massage helps to reduce stress and improve blood flow, thereby enabling the heart to pump the same amount of blood with less effort, which can lead to improved heart health.

Lower blood pressure
High blood pressure is when the blood moves through the arteries at a higher pressure than normal. Regular massage helps to combat the effects of stress – a leading contributor to high blood pressure – helping to lower blood pressure and maintain the body’s natural sense of wellness.

Improve blood circulation
The movements of massage cause blood to flush in and out of muscles and joints, increasing the delivery of vital oxygen and nutrients. This process can, in some cases, aid recovery time from injuries and provide the entire body with a greater sense of wellness.

Improve lymph flow
The lymphatic system rids the body of wastes such as bacteria, viruses and toxins. Regular massage helps to promote healthy lymph flow by working to reduce fatigue and stress, and stimulating the body to remove potentially damaging waste products, thus maintaining its natural defense system.

Boost the immune system
Studies show people with high stress levels get sick more often than the general population. Beyond the stress-reducing and sleep-promoting benefits of massage, regular massage has been shown to improve the body’s overall immune functioning.

Reduce formation of excessive scar tissue

By stimulating the skin and muscles, and increasing blood flow throughout the body, regular massage helps promote tissue regeneration, and reducing scar tissue and stretch marks.

Improve skin health and nourishment
Regular massage helps to increase blood circulation, exfoliate dead skin cells and tone the skin, which encourages cell regeneration and assists in excreting waste products. The result is healthier, better-looking skin.

Increase wellness

Regular massage helps to improve blood flow, stimulate the body’s natural defense system, relieve stress and promote deep, restorative sleep. The cumulative effect directly improves overall health and well-being.

Increase relaxation

It’s easy for the day’s stresses to add up, causing the mind to race and muscles to tense. Regular massage eases tight muscles and helps to release endorphins, which helps the body feel better, enabling restorative relaxation and helping the mind and body maintain a healthy state.

Reduce stress

Both short and long-term stress triggers changes in the body, which increases the likelihood of getting sick, raising the risk of serious conditions like heart disease, and can make problems we already have worse. Regular massage relaxes the body and mind, and releases endorphins, which relieve stress and improve mood.

Relieve mental stress

Regular massage has been proven to improve the mind’s ability to monitor stress signals and respond appropriately, enhancing capacity for calm thinking and creativity.

Reduce anxiety

Regular massage prompts the body to move from sympathetic activity to parasympathetic activity, enabling the mind to calm and slow down –This respite from intense thought and stress “restarts” the mind and restores a healthy mental state.

Relieve back pain

When afflicted with back pain, even the simplest tasks become huge challenges. Regular massage improves blood flow to oxygen-starved back muscles and prompts the body to release endorphins – the body’s natural painkiller. The results are faster recovery and improved range of motion

Relieve sore muscles

Regular massage increases blood flow, which provides much-needed oxygen, and releasing of endorphins – the body’s natural painkiller – to help relieve muscle tension and stiffness. 

Relieve muscle tension and stiffness

Regular massage stimulates tight muscles, joints and ligaments; improves oxygen-rich blood flow; and helps the body release endorphins to make it feel better.

Reduce muscle spasms

Spasms and cramps can be painful, unexpected and frustrating. By gently and gradually stretching and manipulating muscles, regular massage may ease pain and hasten recovery.

Relieve tension-related headaches.

Every muscle and nerve in the body is interconnected in some way. When you have a sore back or tight neck, or when you’re constantly straining your eyes, the ripple effect can travel throughout the body. Regular massage manipulates and increases blood flow to the back, neck, and all muscles of the body so it can return to a natural state of wellness.

Experience deeper and easier breathing

There’s a reason people say, “take a deep breath” when things get a little stressful. It’s because deep, easy breathing naturally puts the body at rest. Regular massage eases sore muscles and reduces stress that can constrict normal breathing.